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Union Baptist Church is a small body of believers who worship and serve together in the rural community of Dresden, located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Our identity is indelibly connected to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our core values are centered in God's word, biblical literacy and application. We believe, after receiving saving faith, we are enabled by the grace of God to live authentic Christian lives as we come to know, understand and practice God's word. We endeavor to be led by God to accomplish His will in and through us for this time. Perhaps, you are of the same mind. There is room for you. Perhaps you sense God drawing near in your life. We are here for you.

Our Church Theme 2021

God Will See Us Through.png

Our Mission

Leading  people  to  Believe,  Follow, and Serve Christ.

Our Vision

To see believers intentionally abandon self and live only for God.

It has been playfully said, "Union is in the middle of nowhere." But God is everywhere and we are excited to go on Praising the Master and Proclaiming His Message. We pray that wherever you are you will find yourself Praising the Master and Proclaiming His Message for there is no other way to live. 

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