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Sketch of Current Church House


     We have a rich history that reaches back into the 19th century when on the heels of the underground railroad a small group of Afro-Canadians had the audacity to believe God to plant a church. Many church beginnings are characterized by the mercy and grace of God and the obedience and humility of a people moved to glorify Him. Union Baptist Church is no different in this regard. In addition, there existed a sincere desire to come together to praise and thank God for deliverance from the evils of slavery in America. In the beginning, people met in their farm homes with the determination to survive and thrive in this new land called Canada. Reading and studying the Bible was a privilege  that  was  rarely  possible  before. More determined than ever, the courageous group laid the groundwork for a common place to worship. It was one faithful day, October 10, 1885, from humble beginnings, Union  Baptist Church was established in an old School House in Chatham Township, Ontario, Canada.  ​The church was granted a healthy start by God as there were approximately 55 believers who were charter members with Rev. Samuel Lynn as their first Pastor. While its charter members were Afro-Canadian, Union has always sought to minister to and welcome people from every Nation, Race, Colour and Culture.  

    On June 13, 1971, under the leadership of Pastor John Peoples, Union laid the cornerstone and dedicated a new edifice for worshiping and serving God. Since then, nearly 50 years of ministry for the Kingdom of God has transpired inside and outside the walls of Union. Many souls who yielded themselves to God and who have impacted the community with service realize that knowing God makes all the difference. We give thanks to all the members of Union Baptist Church, whether in heaven or still sojourning, who came to Christ, the Living Stone, with a heart to serve Him. After well over a century of ministry, God has been so kind to Union allowing her to continue to be relevant in the small rural community of Dresden down through the years.

Our Pastors

1885 - 1908   Rev. Samuel Lynn

1908 - 1920   Rev. J. C Richards

1921 - 1922   Rev. Herbert Dungy

1922 - 192-   Rev. Thresher

192- - 192-   Rev. Earl Saunders

192- - 192-   Rev. E. A. Wilson

192- - 192-   Rev. Solomon

192- - 192-   Rev. W. H. Snowden

1930 - 1938   Rev. James Clinton Browning

1938 - 1945   Rev. Mack Brown

1945 - 1946   Rev. Andrew Talbot

1946 - 1949   Rev. Henry Talbot

1949 - 1950   Rev. Herbert Dungy

1951 - 1954   Rev. Seymour Boyce

1954 - 1964   Rev. Benjamin A. Gearo

1965 - 1965   Rev. Charles Burch

1966 - 1976   Rev. John Peoples

1977 - 1978   Rev. Patrick Reid

1979 - 1981   Rev. Andrew Talbot

1981 - 1983   Rev. Thomas Berry

1984 - 1991   Rev. Richard R. Thompson

1991 - 2005   Rev. Allen Langford

2005 - 2009   Rev. Frederick L. Brown, Sr.

2009 - 2010   Vacant

2010 - 2014   Rev. David J. Carter, Jr.

2014 - 2015   Vacant

2015 - 2016   Rev. Mark Aarssen

2016 - 202-   Rev. Will Hawk

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